Podcast Episode #271 – Zuke Gets Beeped




Sometimes you say something that sounded funnier in your head than it did out loud.  And sometimes you say you’re going to catch it in post, but don’t.  And sometimes you do.  This was one of those ones where we did.

Everyone is hacked again, but more importantly we can’t get anymore free pizza!  AT&T is way behind the times and so is the President’s phone.

Podcast #270 – Fat Axl Rose



Voting for The Podcast Awards is over; thank you to everyone who voted for us! Now we wait to see what happens!

So many things have been hacked and passwords stolen, it’s not even funny.  Well . . . it’s sort of funny.  It’d be a lot funnier if it was only happening to Zohner, but it turns out it’s happening to a LOT more people than that.

Podcast Episode #269 – Manchurian TeamViewer



So, if TeamViewer claims that the only reason people are having breaches is because they are using the same passwords found in other hacks . . . why are some people having the same issue with two-factor authentication? And if Atari isn’t making games anymore, how are they making IoT things now?  And if I made you annoyed by publishing this episode a day late, does that mean I can be arrested now in Europe?



11th Annual Podcast Awards News

Podcast Awards

For the third time in four years, Stolendroids has been nominated for the best technology podcast at the 11th annual Podcast Awards! Voting is now open, and will be until June 12th at 23:00 EST. To vote, visit www.podcastawards.com and select the shows you want to vote for in each of their respective categories. Once submitting your vote, a confirmation email will be sent to you for you to click on and verify your vote. Remember that if you do not verify your vote, your vote won’t count! While this might seem like a hassle, it’s actually a great way to help make sure that bots or macros are not skewing the votes in favor of a particular show.

Podcast Episode #268 – Suicidal Robot Workers

This will end in tears, I just know it.

This will end in tears, I just know it.

The guys are running on fumes as real-life threatens to ruin everything!  Thankfully, we have some pretty weird news to perk us up and keep us interested!  The FCC pulls over a car, Marvel collides with Musk, and Foxconn may be needing to upgrade their nets soon.