Take my money! Featuring Guardians of the Galaxy

Friday. Such a beautiful word. Not just because it’s the start of the weekend for me, but it is also when I get paid. And when I get money, I do love hunting down the latest geeky items I can find to add to my ever growing collection I have at home. Some may call it a sickness, but I call it passion. And I just like stuff. :)

Since Guardians of the Galaxy comes out next week, I thought that I would feature them for your shopping needs. I’m an enabler. That’s what I do.


If you are like many people who love collecting Funko Pop!, then you will love this. This is an SDCC 2014 exclusive that Hot Topic is now set up to carry. Granted it’s not from Comic Con itself, but it’s a great price at $10.00 for this little guy.

Matias Quiet Pro – Coding Bliss

As a developer, I have gone through many keyboards.  There are many different kinds of keyboard technologies, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.  Among the longest surviving types of keyboards is the mechanical keyboard.

These keyboards are used almost religiously by those who recognize their advantages.  Gamers, for instance, prefer mechanical keyboards for a few reasons: they are more robust and can withstand more abuse, they are generally heavier and don’t move a lot on the table, and they offer a more tactile feedback when a key is depressed.

However, mechanical keyboards usually are obnoxiously loud.  If you work in an environment where you have co-workers within whisper range, a loud, obnoxious keyboard might incite a full on cubicle war.  For that reason, most office workers choose not to use mechanical keyboards when they can avoid it, and it’s usually not an issue as most corporate computers ship with $10 membrane-based keyboards.  So, where does one go if they want the advantages of a mechanical keyboard without bearing the risk of a Nerf dart to the head?

I give you the Matias Quiet Pro.



Happy Sysadmin Day!

Oh wait, you don’t know about Sysadmin Day? Well that means you probably have a sysadmin that you haven’t celebrated and thanked for awhile.  You should surprise them by popping your head in their office/cube/closet and act like you totally knew all along and wish them a good one!

Trust me, they probably need the interaction.



Image courtesy of The PC Weenies at pcweenies.com

Foursquare Is Dead To Me

foursquare-downI’m done with Foursquare. Why? Well, they took what they did really really well, which was allow you to check-in to a location, and see who else was checked-in to that location with you, and did away with it. Well, mostly. Of course, people still want to check-in when they go somewhere, so Foursquare created a new app called Swarm. Swarm does what the Foursquare app did originally – lets you check-in when you go out.

But what will become of Foursquare? I’m guessing horrible, horrible failures. But in the short-term, Foursquare will tell you what there is to do and see based on your current location, i.e. coffee shops, movie theaters, restaurants, etc. Don’t try checking in though because there’s a whole new app for that.

I have a few concerns with they way that Foursquare has changed things up. The first is that we already have an app that tells us what to do or see or experience based on our current location; it’s called Yelp. If I need to know where to eat or what I can do to kill a few hours while I’m in a new city, I’m going to open Yelp, not Foursquare. Sure, Foursquare has tips, but they were nowhere near as comprehensive as what can be found on Yelp. That being said, if I want to let all of my friends know that I’m eating at a particular dining establishment, or visiting a specific museum, that’s where Foursquare would have previously come into play. Sadly, this is no longer the case. Foursquare wants to be Yelp which means if I want to share my location with my friends, I need to use Swarm. Or I could just call them. Who am I kidding? That’s crazy talk.

SCaM Show – Episode #45



Should I Stay or should I GO?

Trailer Park: Dear White People, The Imitation Game, TMNT: The Fun Trailer, and Star Wars: Rebels