Podcast Episode #195 – Homicidal Oregonian Reindeer


For this Christmastime, we decide to stay up way too late and try to record a show in a mildly altered state.  What came out was not . . . normal.  North Korea is feeling ronery, Collin is killed by wildlife, and sometimes you SHOULDN’T buy a box of poop.  It was a random week.

The Moving Picture Show – Episode 5 – The Hobbit Ends

MPS_005_FeaturedOn this week’s show: The Hobbit trilogy comes to an end, Sony is scared of The Interview, and Paramount doesn’t seem to understand Star Trek

SDFiles #024 – Liberty and Lights


Welcome to America little buddy!

Welcome to SDFiles where Zohner and Schmidty discuss anything and everything paranormal, metaphysical, crypto-zoological and otherwise strange.  This week, we have more UFO sightings, including one over the Statue of Liberty, and Bigfoot in Britain.

Podcast Episode #194 – Collin Keeps Dying

I'm telling you; every single freaking time.

I’m telling you; every single freaking time.


I dunno, maybe it’s the hat.

This week we learn about all of Sony’s secrets, Iowa leading the way to a techy-er future, and Google showing Spain who is boss.

The Moving Picture Show – Episode 4 – Spectre


Not sure if we’re excited more about the name of the movie, or the Aston Martin DB10

On this week’s show we have a plethora of casting news and new trailers, plus details on the next in the James Bond franchise.