SCaM Show – Episode #59

SCaM_59_FeaturedOn this week’s show we’ve got a glut of Marvel news, Terminator Genysis gives some plot details, and a new show starring a somewhat forgotten comic icon is in the works.

SD Files #018 – Craig Nybo Interview


This week we are excited to bring to the talented author and musician, Craig Nybo.  Listen in to find out the inspiration behind his new book, Beiber’s Finger, and his thoughts on Werewolves, Zombies and Aliens.

Podcast Episode #187 – Com Dot Com




Zuke’s Favorite: Windows comes to my Android

Schmidty’s Favorite: OMG-BBQ-WTF-FTW WebGL Water

Collin’s Favorite:  Utahns celebrate holidays for terminally ill boy

Zohner’s Favorite: This is not safe! (but totally safe for work)

SCaM Show – Episode #58


“Alas, poor Yorick!”

Announcement: In a few weeks, we will be changing the name of the podcast to The Moving Picture Show along with a mild format change.  The new name reflects our increased focus on movies and TV.

On this week’s show: more rumors fly about the future of the DCMU, a couple of C list comic stars are getting their own web series, and find out when you’ll see that Avengers 2 trailer and it might be sooner than you think.

SD Files #017 – Black Eyed Children Redux


Black Eyed Child captured in a photograph — Praying or Preying?

This week, a medium claims she knows what is causing the Black Eyed Children sightings, Rick Dyer is at it again making Bigfoot Hoaxes, more Albino Bigfoot sightings in Maine, and UFOs continue to plague the world.