Podcast Episode #191 – Sausage Initiation


Hang a bell, you mean we forgot to tell Collin about the sausage?

We have a special friend dropping by to remind us all to get in gear and head over to The Giving Grinch and its GoFundMe campaign.  You really want to be a part of this!



Zuke’s Favorite: The Jazz have a supervillain for a coach!

Zohner’s Favorite: Best candle ever!

Collin’s Favorite: Assassin’s Creed Unity – Not so good release

The Moving Picture Show – Episode 1 – Interstellar


On this week’s show: we take a look at Interstellar, James Gunn drops some tidbits about Guardians 2, and the Doctor is coming back.

SD Files #020 – Keep Watching the Skis


The Giving Grinch: Cosplay for Charity. You can find more information on Facebook and Go Fund Me.

This week we bring you some good ol’ Nessie and talk about our favorite subject: Aliens!

Podcast Episode #190 – Money and Politics




Zuke’s Favorite: All The Busters

Schmidty’s Favorite: See Wikipedias updates in real-time and listen to it too

Zohner’s Favorite: Star Wars Commander