How To Install Windows 10 Right Now!

It’s no secret that we’ve been drooling over Windows 10 for some time.  If you’re anything like us, you have been eagerly awaiting July 29, 2015 so Microsoft could give you your free copy of Windows 10 you reserved!  Only July 29th came and went and you’re still not rocking the latest and greatest.  What can you do to fix this?



The Moving Picture Show #33 – Ant-Man

mps-033-featuredOn this week’s show we take a look at Marvel’s latest offering, first trailer for Spectre, and loads of assorted TV and Movie news.

SDFiles #51 – Catfish Nessie

sdfiles-051-featuredWelcome to SDFiles where we, Zohner and Schmidty, will discuss anything and everything paranormal, metaphysical, crypto-zoological and otherwise strange.  This week, we consider that Nessie may really be a catfish, and then some random UFO news.  Cause who doesn’t like UFO news?

Podcast Episode #226 – Adulterous Trolls

Going to level with you; there wasn't really a picture you could put here that would cover what we talked about.

Going to level with you; there wasn’t really a picture you could put here that would cover what we talked about.

Zuke is back (for better or worse), just in time for a random collection of headlines!  From people getting (sorta) busted for cheating to drones getting armed to kill us, it’s a weird kind of week.

The Moving Picture Show #32 – Moar Trailers!

mps-032-featuredThis week we’ve got loads of trailers from SDCC, a fan favorite comic gets an animated film, and other news galore from San Diego.