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Some of us just happen to broadcast them in front of 30 Million viewers.


My wife has sort of gotten me onto the whole American Idol kick.  I realize the show has gone on for eight years now, and so I’m a little late to the party but I really don’t care.  After sitting with her through all of last season and hearing some of the awesome performances (as well as the more miserable ones) I’ve come to understand that the show might actually have some merit to it.

Then we have last night’s “Country Night”.  Some people moved up, some people moved down, and some people stayed right where they’d been for awhile.  One person in particular had done an incredible job in previous rounds and I really found myself rooting for him (even if he has ridiculous emo hair).  Last night, however, I was honestly waiting for lightning to come and strike him down.

Now, this isn’t the normal sort of thing I blog about.  It isn’t very “geeky”, has nothing to do with our normal topics, and is relatively short.  Just the same, I felt it important to come out and say what was on my mind.  Having said that, I propose that a special level of hell be created for people who rape Johnny Cash songs.  I’m not even a country fan, and I think the guy is a national treasure.  That crap may fly over in Russia (or wherever) but over here we take our ‘Man in Black’ seriously.


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  • Lacey

    LOL…you liked that guy at all? Ugh I hated that guy from the moment I saw him…that song just proved I was right! I want Danny to win…I think he is the best of the group so far…I like Anoop too…oh and I love the blind guy, he plays the piano so well….I will totally buy his CD.

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