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Remember when we told you about Star Wars Forces of Destiny? We originally reported that you would be able to watch it in July via Disney’s YouTube page. Well, it’s July, and episodes have started popping up on YouTube.

The first animated short aired Monday. Sands of Jakku, featuring BB-8 and Rey (voiced by Daisy Ridley) flee a Star Wars version of a Tremors worm kicked off the female driven series of micro-episodes that are reminiscent of Genndy Tartakovsky’s The Clone Wars .

A new short is being posted daily, so be sure to check back to see whose point of view you get to experience. So far we’ve seen Rey, Princess Leia, and Ashoka Tano with Sabine Wren, Padmé Amidala, and Jyn Erso still to come.

The shorts will all be rebroadcast on Disney Channel Sunday, July 9th.

Having seen the first few episodes, what are your thoughts?

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