Collin Farmer

From researching the latest technologies, playing video games, enjoying the convention scene, and watching endless amounts of CHUCK reruns and Star Wars, Collin is the definition of geek. By day a IT Manager, by night a blog and podcast enthusiast within the geek community.Follow Collin on Twitter - @Collin_Farmer

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The Guild goes MTV

Posted by - August 20, 2009 0
How do I explain this to someone who wouldn’t immediately know what I’m talking about?  Let’s see . . .…

I’m All Tingly

Posted by - March 2, 2010 0
What’s bad about a new Civilization game?  The answer is nothing.  I started playing Civ III a few years back…

This One’s For You, Zuke.

Posted by - December 13, 2010 2
It just keeps getting better and better. Or would it be more accurate to say “epic-er and epic-er?” Yeah, probably…

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