There’s an Enterprise-F?

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I am a huge fan of Star Trek.  When asking the question “Am I a Star Trek or Star Wars?”  I always fall to the Trek side.  It’s not that I don’t like Star Wars, but when I think to how I think humanity would look in a couple hundred years I want to believe it will look more . . . Roddenberry.

So, imagine my joy when Star Trek Online was announced.  Then imagine my disappointment when the reviews came in and they weren’t so great.  Finally, imagine my optimism when they announced that Star Trek Online would be free to play starting January 17th (today).

Finally, imagine my surprise that in the game they’ve already announced the successor to the Sovereign-class Enterprise.  That’s right; in the game there is a NCC-1701-F USS Enterprise.


Announced as the Odyssey-class, it was the submission from a fan for a contest from the game publisher.  And if I may say, it’s easily just as good as anything made in the official cannon.  Now, this isn’t a new thing; this happened in Summer 2011.  However, now that the game is free to play I thought it might be worth pointing out the content they’ve been adding.

I’d also like to ask Paramount and CBS to make this ship cannon!  It’s beautiful!


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  1. I honestly can’t wait to get back into Star Trek Online. I got a free month of a while back and enjoyed it, but thanks to kids/school/etc. I wasn’t able to get to far into it. After I’m done with the huge project which is currently occupying my time I’ll be signing back in.

  2. I’ve been playing since it went Free2Play on Tuesday. So far, I feel slightly disappointed. Not enough to not play, mind you. Something just feels slightly . . . off. Oh, I know; it’s all these other morons jumping around the place and spamming local.

    Expect a review in a couple days.

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