The Death of RIM

It may seem that we like to pile on Research in Motion here at StolenDroids, but we really don’t.  OK.  Maybe we do a bit but they make it so easy.  Regular listeners of our podcast know that there is hardly a week that goes by that we don’t ask the question “What are they thinking?”  We’ve even been blamed for being the sole cause of RIM’s troubles.  As much as I’d like to believe that we have that much influence, this infographic seems to say otherwise.  I guess we’ll just have to try harder to take down companies in the future…

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    For the sake of fairness, I should point out that CEO’s cutting their own pay down to a dollar isn’t actually desperate or new. That’s their base salary. Sometimes they get bonuses based upon how well the company does, who they make deals with, and other things (private speaking, book deals, etc). That dollar is their salary. And the reason it’s a dollar and not less is because they legally need to be on the payroll or else they can’t say they work for the company.

    Other CEO’s have done this as well; Jetblue & Google immediately come to mind. It’s more a way to reinvest the money back into the company and inspire the employees.

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