SFA:004 – Review of the Voyager episode “Flashback”

Voyager: Flashback

Voyager: Flashback

Greetings, students!

This episode, when not distracted by discussing Klingon Junior High Schools or Janeway’s “bun of steel”, we discuss the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Flashback”.

We have received some additional feedback about the volume of our ambient music. (Thank you, Kyle… I’m working on it.) Hopefully, I’ve corrected the issue. If not, I *will* correct it and post updates.

Speaking of updates, we are still needing your submissions of Star Trek references in popular culture… the more obscure, the better. Especially ones in real life as vs. in other television shows or movies.

Now, here are this session’s trivia questions:

  1. What is a Pylloa
  2. What is the Stardate during Star Trek VI.
  3. Name the first ship that Tuvok served on for his “second Starfleet career”
  4. What is Sirillium?
  5. What type of radiation did The Doctor use to kill the memory engram virus?

EXTRA CREDIT: This is the number of Hosts of the “Memory Virus”?

Your answers are due to [email protected] by April 30, 2014.


Once again, we must say “Thank You” to Andrew Allen, composer of the album “Smooth Federation”, from which we snagged our opening & closing music. You can support him by visiting: www.patreon.com/keyswithsoul

SFA:003 – Farragut Fan Films, Heroclix & Trek Merch

USS Farragut Ep 1 Welcome back, students!

I currently feel like singing the theme song to Star Trek: Enterprise because getting our third installment ready for you has certainly been “A Long Road…” That said, I hope we live up to your expectations. (P.S. Episode 004 isn’t far behind.)

For this installment, Professor Krothos provides us with a list of the various types of merchandise available for our consumption and provides a few Web sites where we can get the goodies. Professor Stark gives us a review of the Star Trek Heroclix game (the starships version, not the people version). I get to review a fan film by Farragut Films titled “The Captaincy”.

As per usual, we have five Trivia Questions from this episode. Your answers are due by April 30, 2014 to [email protected]:

  1. What is one thing that Kothos likes to collect?
  2. Name two Web sites mentioned that carry Star Trek merchandise. (If you have a favorite site not mentioned, please submit it also.)
  3. Name one thing Stark says is a “bad” thing about the Star Trek Heroclix game he reviewed.
  4. Name one thing Stark says is a “good” thing about the Star Trek Heroclix game he reviewed.
  5. Which planet does John T Carter investigate on his first mission as Captain of the USS Farragut?


We are still looking for Star Trek references in pop culture…the more obscure the better! (Listen for Stark’s reaction to the one I mention in this episode.) Remember you can submit those to any of our social media sites as well as here at Stolendroids.com:

  • Twitter = @SFAPodcast
  • Facebok = Starfleet Academy Podcast
  • Tumblr = sfapodcast.tumblr.com
  • E-mail = [email protected]
  • Comment below. :)


A few Last Things…

* Krothos wants to know what YOU collect.
* Stark wants to know if you have ever played Heroclix, and what you thought of it.
* TJ wants to know if you have ever made a fan film, and if you’d like to share it with us.


Check out the adventures of John T Carter and the crew of the USS Farragut at: www.starshipfarragut.com


“Thank You” to Andrew Allen, composer of the album “Smooth Federation”, from which we snagged our opening & closing music. You can support him by visiting: www.patreon.com/keyswithsoul


SFA:002 – Arbuk, RPG and clubs… oh my!

Greetings Students, Faculty and Staff…

This class marks the first time we use our current format, in which each Professor gives their own little “nugget” of information. This format will actually make it easier on us professors as we have wildly different recording schedules. Don’t worry though, we’ll still get together once every few episodes to do an episode/movie/book review. Of course you’ll still have to deal with Stark’s puns, but I’m sure you’re used to that by now.

In this particular class you’ll hear Prof. Stark review the book Star Trek Voyager: Incident at Arbuk, Prof. T.J. interview a couple of local Star Trek club leaders, and Prof. Krothos introduce us to the joys of role play gaming via e-mail.

We’d like to thank you for the feedback we’ve received so far. It’s nice to know we’re not just talking to the ether. Look for responses in the class or on this blog. Or you may see a response on one of our social media sites (Twitter = @SFAPodcast; Facebok = Starfleet Academy Podcast; Tumblr = sfapodcast.tumblr.com). We’re also working on uploading our classes as videos on You Tube (more on this soon), and of course you can always reach us at [email protected].

Now for the important bit… the trivia questions! Like Episode 001, your answers will be due by March 31, 2014.

  1. Name another Star Trek book written by John Gregory Betancourt
  2. What is the Central Council of Factions?
  3. What is a “Mary Sue”?
  4. A Bortas class battleship belongs to which race?
  5. John Gregory Betancourt co-authored a cookbook with what well-known fantasy author.

Name the newspaper that shows Edith Keeler’s photo.

Please also remember the Monthly Assignment: Star Trek references in popular culture. The answers we gather will be used in a future class. The deadline for the Monthly Assignment is March 1, 2014.

Keep on Trekkin’
Professor Trekkie Jill

Note: here are a couple of links mentioned in this class…

Star Trek: Rendezvous… The Inquiry, a fan film on You Tube in which our own Prof. Stark has a small part:

Starfleet Command’s Seventh Fleet, a Star Trek fan organization:



Feb 13, 2014 Update… We need to give a big “Thank You” to Andrew Allen, who composed the album “Smooth Federation”, from which we snagged our opening & closing music. You can support him by visiting: www.patreon.com/keyswithsoul


SFA:001 – “Star Trek: Into Darkness” Movie Review

Hello, Star Trek fans and fellow students!

It’s been a long time coming but we are finally able to put out an Episode 001 that we are proud of. We thank you for your patience with us over these past couple of months while we updated some equipment and got our recording schedule a little more under control. With these changes we will be able to bring you new content on a more consistent basis.

For our first episode, we wanted to bring you our opinions on the newest movie in the Star Trek franchise, Star Trek: Into Darkness. Listen to us as we argue over whether or not you can really get to Kronos in one day, who is the hottest person, and how this movie compares with Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.
We also give more than just an overall rating for our reviews. We review specific categories – like the aforementioned hotness – plus logic, action, and many others.

Stolen Droids Presents: Larry Nemecek

Our first episode of “Stolen Droids Presents” is with none other than Dr. Trek himself, Larry Nemecek.  We’re still not sure how we got so lucky but there’s a good chance he thought we were some other show and played along!

Be sure to check Larry out at his page and contact info below:


Facebook: Trekland

Twitter: @larrynemecek

Also be sure to check out Geek Nation Tours!  If you want to get in on the Star Trek Tour of a lifetime, be sure to register by May 31!!