SMV – Pumped Up Kicks

I heard this song on the radio the other day and was absolutely blown away by it. Not because it’s the best music to ever have been released, but because it’s the first song I heard on the radio in maybe 7 years that actually sounded new. A lot of what’s being played on popular stations now is just rehashed pop music and it can start to sound very homogenized after awhile. This song, by Foster The People, has a nice groove that seems to go counter to anything else out there. Enjoy!

SMV – An actual SMV!!

Way way WAY back in the day my brother and I used to plop down and watch our early Saturday Morning Cartoons.  Yes, I capitalized them; they were that important.  The more obscure ones were in the wee hours of the morning, then we had the main staples between 7:30-10:30 AM.  After that, the baby shows came on or Fox would switch to American Gladiator.  If you went to PBS there was usually another re-air of The Mouse and the Motorcycle.

Back then, of course, we couldn’t skip commercials.  The commercial breaks were also shorter, so that helped.  But to really make things fun for the kids, most stations also had the old Public Service Announcements during commercial breaks.  One such PSA was a funny song about an alien who comes to live on Earth but instead of welcoming him, we treat him like crap.  He points out that if we (humans) come in so many colors, why should we treat him any differently just because he’s green.

My brother and I remembered that PSA for a long time, but never heard it again or knew who did it.  It wasn’t until much later I learned the band’s name . . . and that they happened to by my favorite band of all time.  Barenaked Ladies performed this song (The Ballad of Gordon) long before they were ever popular in the United States, and if my dates are right, before their first album ever even took off!  So, allow me to take you back to Saturday morning, 1992 (probably about 9:17AM).  I am on my second bowl of Cheerios, and I’m watching this:

SMV: The only good thing about a Geico Ad

 . . . is the music I find from it.

I found this song after hearing it play in the background to one of those annoying caveman ads.  The video (I think) is awesome, since it’s pretty much how I see everything around me.

I apologize in advance if I’ve posted this before; I thought I had, but I couldn’t find it in our archives so I figured I was safe.