SD#79 Iran Vs AOL


We are without a Zohner, as he’s abandoned us to get an autograph or something.  Iran thinks it can survive without Google, RIM is limping along better than expected, and Europe needs to suck it up a bit!

SD#70 The Brownie Is A Misnomer


You should have seen the catchy number they did for their new jet fighters!


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5 Ways RIM Can Turn Things Around



It’s no secret that we’ve been heralding the death of Research In Motion (RIM) for awhile now.  Some people have even suggested that we might be partially to blame for the whole fiasco.  The truth of the matter, however, is that the tech world is only made better by having many strong companies working together (and sometimes against each other) to move consumer technology forward.  RIM has often been a big part of that in the past, and if they can continue to be so in the future then we will all win.  The problem is, however, that RIM is no longer contributing to the tech world and is only attracting the worst kind of attention with denial-filled death rattle.

All is not lost for RIM, though. Not yet.  There are doubtlessly many possible things that they could do to pull this around, but here are the most obvious 5*.

SD#65 Troll Killer


Little known fact: Zuke is actually a level 25 troll killer!  Learn something everyday!

We asked for your favorite Top 5 Video Games and you responded!  We stack up yours against ours and against G4’s.  Oh, and RIM.  Yeah . . . .

SD#64 Millionth Episode

Get it? Get it?!


Squishy joins us for a fun look at Apple’s WWDC, E3 recap, Zuke’s ramblings, and Stark’s inability to stay online!  Could Nokia die before RIM?  Is your government watching your Facebook?  Why are we the only ones asking questions?  Send us yours to [email protected]!