The Life Of An IT Guy

No, not an ‘it’ guy.  I imagine that life has got to be pretty sweet.  I mean, you’re the ‘it’ guy.  Everyone wants to be you.  This is very different from being an IT guy.  I-T. As in information technology.  As in the guy that people yell at when they think that organizing every file on their computer alphabetically in one folder, usually on the desktop, or what’s left of it, is a good idea.

Most of us here at StolenDroids have all been there.  By trade, we’re computer nerds.  We’ve done our time in the trenches as the company IT guy.  We’ve also all served hard time working a help desk for various large, faceless corporations full of employees who all think that theirs is the most important job in the history of important jobs.  Because of this sense of self-importance, they tend to treat the IT guys and help desk monkeys like total idiots, not realizing that without them, that two minute PowerPoint presentation that they need to give on why it’s important to flush the toilet wouldn’t get done on time.  But I digress…

Earlier today, Schmidty and I were sharing some of our horror stories about our days helping others.  A few of them were pretty brutal while others were just met with facepalms.  Here are a few of the favorites that I shared.