Podcast Episode #202 – Headline Medley

Penny Arcade

Image Courtesy of Penny Arcade

No joke here, our headlines are all over the place in this week’s podcast.  Between people hacking coffee machines, the FCC actually being on our side again, and Amazon launching what might be the most useless service ever . . . we’re king of winging it here.

Podcast #137 – Internet Muffintop


Put a couple of eyes on them and they could be minions!

The newest episode covers people hacking things that aren’t working anyway, tech companies that refuse to die, anti-piracy groups who like to pirate, and Google giving us the most pointless and cryptic answer in company history.

Also, your iPhone was made by slaves.

SD#48 That’s No Planet

This picture is here simply because it exists.

The Universe makes up for having no news last week by having LOADS of news this week.  Also, be warned; Google might have been replaced by Evil Google from some sort of mirror universe!

SD#41 That’s Our Sausage

I'm not even sure why we started talking about this!

For clarification, I said “I’m going to EEP that out.”  You’ll know what I’m talking about when you hear it!

SD#3 Zod Hates The Rubber

We’re really working on the time thing, we promise!

Robert Llewellyn hates putting on a rubber, Stark is a con-man, and we all love Adobe!

Zuke, Schmidty, Zohner, and Stark

Adobe released new Touch SDK. None of us can say Wacom.
Adobe introduces subscription-based editions of many of their big titles
Acer Iconia Tab A500 could be “The One”
The best interface for an APPLE iPad is MICROSOFT Bing? WTF?
Cisco “Flips Off” fired employees.
IE10 is being previewed, and it’s not what you think!
Red Dwarf returns with new episodes in 2012.
Mortal Kombat Legacy webseries is GOOD!
Paramount not interested in Star Trek. Well, unless they want some money from you.
Star Trek Banned in China?
Oh great, Zod again.
Movie studios test out plan to screw movie theaters. Can’t seem to understand why theater’s aren’t happy.
The US Navy can now fire phasers!!!!!111111!
Fukushima is the new Chernobyl. France and Russia say, not even close.
The horror . . .
Zuke’s Favorite: The extension/app you NEED!
Zohner’s Favorite: Boy Scouts robotics merit badge.
Schmidty’s Favorite: NASA’s page dedicated to the history and specs of the Shuttle
Stark’s Favorite: Stark will be with the Seventh Fleet at StarFest this weekend in Denver, CO. Be sure to stop by and check him out!