Could we use gravity as a weapon?

Posted by - August 14, 2017

Gravity has often been used as a weapon in comics and video games. It has also been used in a few big movies, but could we actually use gravity as a weapon?   To answer that question, I need to go into what gravity is, both on the macro level and on the micro level.

Star Wars Dog Fights

Star Wars Vs. Physics

Posted by - April 24, 2017

I love Star Wars. As I grew older I began to nit pick certain details about the movie franchise. Then I got wiser and was able to let go of many of the plot holes and the time line infractions. Some of the worst characters no longer rub me wrong like they use to. But

Star Trek Ships Are Wrong part 4

Posted by - February 16, 2012

These little editorials/rants seem to be getting some more attention than I expected, so I had better speed them up! The Details Bear with me, as this section does seem rather broad.  We will be jumping around a tad, but for the most part we will be centering on the hull.

How Star Trek Ships Are Wrong part 3

Posted by - February 10, 2012

Continuing on from Part 2: The Nacelles   How Maneuvering Will Kill Everyone Aboard In order to understand this next part of the “USS Enterprise = Deathtrap” equation, it’s important that we understand two major forces in physics; inertial mass and center of mass. Inertial mass is the mass of an object measured by its resistance to acceleration.