GGP #8 – Darth Jar Jar


Darth Jar Jar

Have you ever stopped to think about what if Jar Jar Binks wasn’t really a bumbling fool, but was actually the “menace” in The Phantom Menace? Someone on Reddit actually did just that, and they pose a lot of really good points that Zuke and Zohner discuss on this week’s episode.

Yeah, it’s another episode in which we discuss Star Wars. But should that really surprise anyone at this point? But in fairness, we do talk about other stuff too…

The Moving Picture Show #34 – Inside Out Perspective


mps-034-featuredOn this week’s show I finally saw Inside Out, more Marvel’s a’comin, and a Joker fan theory has me excited.

The Moving Picture Show #31 – Inside Out


mps-031-featuredThis week Pixar gets its #1, the Young Han Solo movie gets directors, and Daredevil gets another new cast member

The Moving Picture Show – Episode 21 – Daredevil


mps-021-featuredWelcome to The Moving Picture Show where Doctor Squishy takes you through the news and notes from the world of entertainment.  On this week’s show we’ve got set pics galore, snippets of Marvel news, and a Triple wide trailer of set pics.

Daredevil’s Complete History

Daredevil is without a doubt one of the hottest superheroes of the moment thanks to his new series of the same name which recently premiered on Netflix. As I was binging on it over the weekend, I realized that even with me being as big of a comic nerd as I am, there is much that I don’t know about Daredevil. Thanks to a history that is convoluted and full of retcons, I don’t think that I’m alone in my lack of knowledge. Thankfully, the guys over at Comics Alliance have put together a nice history of Daredevil for those who need a refresher or who want to have a better understanding of the character before binging all 13 episodes of the new series.