The Moving Picture Show – Episode 13 – Spiderman


Spiderman Iron Man

On this week’s show a major Marvel comes home, Netflix and Nintendo are partnering up, and we go back in time to one of my childhood favorites.

The Moving Picture Show – Episode 1 – Interstellar


On this week’s show: we take a look at Interstellar, James Gunn drops some tidbits about Guardians 2, and the Doctor is coming back.

SCaM Show – Episode #56


Along Came a Spider… Maybe

On this week’s show: big rumors swirl about the future of Spider-Man, Netflix takes another shot at the classic film studios, and a favorite show from the past is on its way back.


SCaM Show – Episode #55


On this week’s show: the comic book takeover of TV continues, a classic video game is coming to the big screen, and Netflix is taking another big shot at traditional movie venues.

SCaM Show – Episode #54


Update: Last week I interviewed Jason Faller from Arrowstorm Entertainment and spoke about their Kickstarter campaign for the upcoming release of The Christmas Dragon.  I am happy to report that they have been successfully funded and the post-production work will get the attention it needs.

On this week’s show a Marvel fan favorite gets his own movie, an 80’s icon is making a comeback, and we talk to the writer of the indie graphic novel Symptom.