GGP #8 – Darth Jar Jar


Darth Jar Jar

Have you ever stopped to think about what if Jar Jar Binks wasn’t really a bumbling fool, but was actually the “menace” in The Phantom Menace? Someone on Reddit actually did just that, and they pose a lot of really good points that Zuke and Zohner discuss on this week’s episode.

Yeah, it’s another episode in which we discuss Star Wars. But should that really surprise anyone at this point? But in fairness, we do talk about other stuff too…

Guess Who Else Doesn’t Watch Episode I?

I saw this video last week but it had been taken down due to “copyright infringement” so I was never able to actually watch it.  I found a new version which will hopefully survive long enough for those of you who haven’t heard Jake Lloyd talk about how The Phantom Menace still affects his life to this day.

If I bumped into him on the street, I like to think that I wouldn’t punch him and then say something like “YIPEEE!”  but I don’t think I can promise that.  Really though, this kid has had a rough life.  He’s been the punching bag for those who get tired of beating up on Jar Jar Binks when in reality, he was just playing a character that happened to be cursed with really crappy dialog.  Stupid George Lucas and his brain that fell out of his ear…

A Geek And His Money Are Soon Parted

You knew this was going to happen.  If you say that you didn’t, then you’re either a fool or a liar. I just found this on

Returning to store shelves on November 4th are the six episodes of the Star Wars saga on DVD bundled in convenient trilogy sets. Perfect for gift-giving as the holidays approach, the Prequel Trilogy set includes Episodes I-III, while the Star Wars Trilogy includes Episodes IV-VI.

Fans who already own the prequel trilogy double-disc releases (released from 2001-2005) and the Star Wars trilogy double-disc releases (released in 2006) already have all the content that’s available in this set. There’s nothing new in this set you don’t already have. But for friends and family still looking to fill in these gaps in their DVD collections, these sets make it easy and affordable to complete the saga.

Own the saga on DVD November 4th.

Own the saga on DVD November 4th.

Thankfully, there is no new content.  I know that there’s no way that my wife would let me try to justify buying the saga again because of a new 45 minute documentary on how Jar Jar Binks is the best character in any movie throughout history or why I should be happy that we got Ewoks in Return of the Jedi instead of Wookiees.