GGP #8 – Darth Jar Jar

Posted by - November 6, 2015

Have you ever stopped to think about what if Jar Jar Binks wasn’t really a bumbling fool, but was actually the “menace” in The Phantom Menace? Someone on Reddit actually did just that, and they pose a lot of really good points that Zuke and Zohner discuss on this week’s episode. Yeah, it’s another episode in which we

Guess Who Else Doesn’t Watch Episode I?

Posted by - July 28, 2009

I saw this video last week but it had been taken down due to “copyright infringement” so I was never able to actually watch it.  I found a new version which will hopefully survive long enough for those of you who haven’t heard Jake Lloyd talk about how The Phantom Menace still affects his life

A Geek And His Money Are Soon Parted

Posted by - August 28, 2008

You knew this was going to happen.  If you say that you didn’t, then you’re either a fool or a liar. I just found this on Returning to store shelves on November 4th are the six episodes of the Star Wars saga on DVD bundled in convenient trilogy sets. Perfect for gift-giving as the