SCaM Show – Episode #57

Posted by - October 17, 2014

Podcast (scam-show): Play in new window | Download (Duration: 29:51 — 13.8MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSOn this week’s show: Marvel and DC both make huge announcements about their futures, Gotham and Flash are both fast hits, and we look back at two legendary movies that came out 20 years ago this week.

SD#49 55 Gallons

Posted by - March 3, 2012

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:04:27 — 36.9MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | Google Play | Stitcher | RSSThis week’s episode is brought to you by the letters I, H, the number 8, and the phrase “OMG SO MUCH EDITING AND MIXING!!” We have a new format we’re trying out and we’d like

SD#2 The Zohner Show

Posted by - April 7, 2011

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:12:05 — 66.0MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | Google Play | Stitcher | RSSWe have apologies to the wife, Zuke goes SQUEE, Zohner takes over, and we really REALLY like Green Lantern.  Special thanks to everyone who gave feedback last time (be it on Twitter, Facebook, email, or

In Brightest Day . . .

Posted by - April 4, 2011

Over the weekend, some awesome footage from the upcoming Green Lantern flick was shown at WonderCon. While I’m not sure about the use of CGI for the costume, espeically the mask, it’s hard to deny that this movie looks like it’s going to be awesome. Enjoy the next four minutes of awesome.

My Favorite SDCC Moment

Posted by - July 27, 2010

Unfortunately, I was not able to attend San Diego Comic Con this year.  Or any previous year for that matter.  This is something that I hope to remedy sometime in the future but by then I’ll probably be in my forties and be called by guys in the comic book store Captain Sweatpants.  Or Captain