Podcast Episode #192 – The Podcast Awakens




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Podcast Episode #191 – Sausage Initiation



Hang a bell, you mean we forgot to tell Collin about the sausage?

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Google’s Software Removal Tool (Beta)

Google's beta of their Software Removal Tool - https://www.google.com/chrome/srt/

Early last month Google launched an application named “Software Removal Tool”  that scans and removes software and extensions that could potentially cause problems with Chrome, joining the fight of fending off crapware and spyware. This tool easy for anyone to use and provides a quick and easy process for a user to make sure their system isn’t being filled with pointless toolbars and extensions.

Factory Reset FunctionalityUpon running the application it automatically does a quick scan of applications installed on the system and prompts you with either a list of crapware/spyware that gives you the option to remove them or simply lets you know that there isn’t any suspicious activity taking place. If you think that it may have missed something or believe someone’s “watching you”, there’s always the nuke button! After every use of the application it prompts you to reset your settings within Chrome which will return the application back to factory standards.

Generally you’re not going to use this for noticing small issues. This application does show that Google is looking out for the best interest of their Chrome user base. I personally would have liked for this application to work with other browsers as well, but I’ll take what I can get to add to my arsenal of diagnostic and tune-up tools.


Software Removal Tool

Podcast #137 – Internet Muffintop


Put a couple of eyes on them and they could be minions!

The newest episode covers people hacking things that aren’t working anyway, tech companies that refuse to die, anti-piracy groups who like to pirate, and Google giving us the most pointless and cryptic answer in company history.

Also, your iPhone was made by slaves.

SD#80 Best Show Title Ever


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I’ve been useing free AV for a while now and it works fine. I started out with free panda cloud AV and now I’m using Avira Free AV which by the way is getting anoying with the ads it likes to pop up every time it updates…

ps. my gmail is having problems so sorry if I’ve missed anything.