You Again

GGP #15 – It’s You Again

Posted by - April 26, 2016

Andrea Peterson and Zacahri Reynolds from the You Again web series join Zohner and Collin on location at Gweedo’s Comics in Layton, Utah to bring you a very special episode of The Generic Geek Podcast. And when we say “very special,” we aren’t kidding – we’re talking ABC Afterschool Special special. (Fun fact: Did you know that

Stolendroids Present Whitney Avalon (2015 Edition)

Posted by - May 2, 2015

  Take one part comedy, one part musical talent, one part geek, one part beauty, and one part incredible voice . . . then add in a dash of “delightfully twisted”.  Mix it together and you get Whitney Avalon! Our queen of hilarious songs has been busy with one of YouTube’s fastest trends since a

Stolendroids Present Lisa Foiles

Posted by - January 13, 2014

Actor, writer, host, gamer, and all-around kick-butt geek girl Lisa Foiles graces us for a spell.  Join us as we talk about eating roaches, getting killed on screen, bucking the “hot gamer girl” trend, and just how much she does not care about Ducktales (sorry Zohner).  Be sure to head over to enjoy her 40th

Stolendroids Present Jonathan Coulton

Posted by - November 9, 2012

We make Zohner’s dream come true and get a chance to talk to the awesome Jonathan Coulton!  Be sure to check out this great interview with one of the most talented musicians around today!  Also, be sure to grab your tickets to his upcoming concert at The State Room, November 27th, 8:00PM.  More information can

Stolendroids Present Yahtzee Croshaw

Posted by - October 20, 2012

  Special thanks to our friends over at Open Book Audio for the great opportunity we had to interview everyone’s fast-talking video game critic, Yahtzee Croshaw.  We talk about Mogworld, the state of video games, and his newest creation Jam.  Be sure to have a listen and follow the links below to learn more about where you can find