SD#79 Iran Vs AOL


We are without a Zohner, as he’s abandoned us to get an autograph or something.  Iran thinks it can survive without Google, RIM is limping along better than expected, and Europe needs to suck it up a bit!

SD#65 Troll Killer


Little known fact: Zuke is actually a level 25 troll killer!  Learn something everyday!

We asked for your favorite Top 5 Video Games and you responded!  We stack up yours against ours and against G4’s.  Oh, and RIM.  Yeah . . . .

Nokia to Europe: U Mad Bro?

Nokia has had some trying times recently, to say the least; they got a new CEO in Stephen Elop who had less than stellar things to say, they dropped their long running mobile OS Symbian, and killed MeeGo before it even launched. When all seemed to be on the brink, they launched their new flagship phone (the Lumia 900) in the United States . . . only to find there’s a software bug in it.

That’s not to say nothing good has been happening, however.  That aforementioned bug was fixed in record time, and everyone who had purchased the Lumia got a $100 credit sent directly to them (whether they had the error or not).  The Lumia itself has had rave reviews and AT&T can’t seem to keep it in stores with how quickly it’s selling and even the retail powerhouse that is Amazon Mobile is having issues keeping enough in stock.

So why is Nokia still sinking?

SD#2 The Zohner Show


We have apologies to the wife, Zuke goes SQUEE, Zohner takes over, and we really REALLY like Green Lantern.  Special thanks to everyone who gave feedback last time (be it on Twitter, Facebook, email, or the comments); we tried to follow a lot of what you suggested.  Let us know how we’re doing by the comments below, the feeds to the right, or [email protected]


Zuke, Schmidty, Stark, Zohner


April Fools – Gmail Motion, Toshiba Spectacle, 1996 Hulu, 35mm digital film, Nathan Fillion cancels Castle.

PSA – You may be getting a lot of emails that are trying to steal from you!

Sony’s Playstation Home Network becomes all Italian.

Miscrosoft makes pigs fly. Then the FTC joins in on the fun!

The death of the cloud begins; Grooveshark pulled from Android Market.

Green Lantern is so awesome it makes Zuke squee.

Gary Oldman really sucks at being subtle or coy.

Can DC be Captain America, or will they just be Wolverine?

Thundercats, HO!

Netflix is now buying first run syndication rights to TV series.

Tesla sues over review from Top Gear, apparently didn’t realize they were on Top Gear.

SpaceX announces the Falcon Heavy rocket. Not as cool as the USS Red Greene.

Japanese Space Agency creates flight data recorder for spacecraft that can tell you how much it sucks to crash from orbit!

Halo Mutiplayer Voice is not who you’d think. And you can get more of his soundclips!

If you’re a big fan of Lady Gaga AND Vulcans . . . good for you, I guess?