Replacing The Batman: Focus on the Bat, or the Man?

Posted by - July 26, 2017

Recently there have been rumors that Ben Affleck was on his way out as the Batman, and while both Ben, and WB producers made nice during SDCC, the rumors have persisted, (not to mention an official “Flashpoint” film in the works) and that was enough for us here at Stolen Droids to start an epic debate; where should the focus

SD#62 Floridian Zombies

Posted by - June 1, 2012

  We are wired for tonight’s show in an effort to avoid the problems from last week! And now we’re too far over the other way! Shout out to everyone from CONDuit who came by and said “Hi” last week; WRITE US!!! We didn’t know you even existed till then! Play in new window

SD#60 Was He Korean?

Posted by - May 18, 2012

Headlines: Google is getting sued….again…for maps…again…by…?????? Kodak had a nuke.  Kinda. And there goes the rest of Yahoo’s executive board. Facebook becomes a tad more obvious in their advertising intentions. I thought all those Facebook founders were such nice boys! Google Goggle’s video was really more of a theory and not an actual concept. Castle

Where Have All The Special Features Gone?

Posted by - December 4, 2008

Next Tuesday, the biggest blockbuster of the year will make it’s triumphant DVD debut.  This film also happens to be a geek-friendly movie based on one of the coolest super heroes in history.  If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m talking about The Dark Knight.  This is one DVD that will be making

Who Won The Battle Of Summer Blockbusters?

Posted by - September 30, 2008

I love comic books and I love movies so naturally, I’m a big fan of movies based on comic books.  There is no doubt that this summer was enough to make many a geek wet themselves with delight. The summer started off with a giant crimson and gold bang as Iron Man dominated theaters to