Interview With Bill Galvan

Posted by - September 15, 2016

Earlier this year, I was fortunate to have the chance to chat quite a bit with comic book artist Bill Galvan at FanX. I’m a big fan of his work so I was pretty excited when it was announced that he was going to be back in Salt Lake at Comic Con earlier this month. Of

Daredevil’s Complete History

Posted by - April 15, 2015

Daredevil is without a doubt one of the hottest superheroes of the moment thanks to his new series of the same name which recently premiered on Netflix. As I was binging on it over the weekend, I realized that even with me being as big of a comic nerd as I am, there is much that


Posted by - July 16, 2012

The Walking Dead reached a milestone last week with the release of the 100th issue.  This particular issue also happened to become the best-selling comic of the 21st century.  The issue was released on July 11, 2012 and sold through all 383,612 initial orders that same day making it the most sold comic book since 1997

Meet the New Spiderman

Posted by - August 3, 2011

In another attempt to stir up publicity, Marvel Comics has once again spoiled what could be an awesome surprise for readers by letting us know who will be replacing Peter Parker as Spiderman in the Ultimate Universe.  If you have managed to avoid the news and are still unspoiled, then you may want to turn

Redesigning the DC Universe

Posted by - July 25, 2011

On the last day of Comic-Con, DC unveiled how some of the characters that we’ve come to know and love have been redesigned for the huge changes that are coming to the DC Universe in only a few short weeks. Considering the fact that this is a huge change to the DCU, I’m a tad