DCEU’s Flash Movie, Teaser introduces Flashpoint (Theory)

Posted by - July 22, 2017

Like many of you, we here at Stolendroids have been glued to our screens anxiously gobbling up any and every little bit of Comic-Con goodness that we could find. And if you haven’t heard already, let me be the first tell you about the Flash movie tentatively scheduled for 2020. WE GOT A NAME! And it’s

Halo 2: Anniversary is Looking Better and Better

Posted by - July 28, 2014

At E3, we got to see some game play from Halo 2: Anniversary and it really got me excited for the release of Halo: The Master Chief Collection this Fall.  But now that excitement has received a bit more fuel with the release of the Halo 2: Anniversary Cinematic Trailer.  And holy cow!  Those graphics

Avatar: The Legend of Korra

Posted by - July 25, 2011

One of the best videos to come out of Comic-Con this year is the trailer for Nickelodeon’s new series, Avatar: The Legend of Korra. This looks every bit as good as the original Avatar series which tells me that M. Night Shyamalan is not involved in any way.  Unfortunately, it looks like we’re going to

Redesigning the DC Universe

Posted by - July 25, 2011

On the last day of Comic-Con, DC unveiled how some of the characters that we’ve come to know and love have been redesigned for the huge changes that are coming to the DC Universe in only a few short weeks. Considering the fact that this is a huge change to the DCU, I’m a tad