Posted by - August 2, 2017

Here are at Stolendroids, we aren’t exactly known for our hard hitting exposés, but we will occasionally report on stories that may seem, or even are, controversial. This week we’re gonna take on the #MakeMineMilkshake topic, and how in the 21st century we somehow have to defend the idea that women can have a place

Cast Bruce Wayne First, Batman Second

Posted by - July 27, 2017

The DCEU’s recent Flashpoint announcement may have opened the door for a graceful recasting of Batman from Ben Affleck to another actor. Nobody would dispute that Batman is an iconic role. Whether Ben Affleck remains, or a new face takes the role, it won’t just be big news, it will be a casting decision that

Stolendroids Present Arlen Schumer

Posted by - June 7, 2017

The Silver Age of comics (circa 1956-1970) was a glorious time. It was a time where some of the greatest and most influential comic book artists were doing their greatest and most influential work. With legends like Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko teaming up with Stan Lee to create iconic characters, including Spider-Man and The Fantastic Four

Wonder Woman Day Set For June 3

Posted by - May 16, 2017

Earlier today, DC Entertainment announced the first-ever celebration of their iconic super hero and pop culture icon, Wonder Woman. “Wonder Woman Day” will take place on June 3, the day after the the Wonder Woman film hits theaters nationwide. The celebration is designed to honor the 75-year legacy of everyone’s favorite Amazon Princess. 

Free Comic Book Day Is Tomorrow

Posted by - May 5, 2017

May has arrived and that means that it’s time for Free Comic Book Day! Tomorrow, May 6, 2017, comic book stores all over the land will have much swag and exclusive titles, all for free! But the point of Free Comic Book Day isn’t just to get free stuff. It’s actually a motivator to get