App Highlight #2

Greetings. Welcome to my second app review. Today’s app is also an Android only, app (sorry iOS users), and it’s one that I have been using ever since I’ve been an Android user. It was among the first apps I downloaded and I haven’t seen a reason to try any competing apps yet (though I probably should just for review-sake).


This nifty app allows you to track your vehicle(s) fuel usage, maintenance, and expenses of your vehicle.  It will show you very detailed statistics of each vehicle you are tracking including: Running cost/day, Distance/day, Total distance, Avg MPG, Total Gallons, and many many more.  It gives you informative charts showing you trends of gas prices, your car’s MPG and more.  aCar helps people like me by reminding you when you need to change your oil, rotate your tires, and when to do standard or yearly maintenance.  Now I can’t blame my dying car on my forgetfulness anymore; the blame will have to go to my negligence and blatant ignorance of clear notifications.  And if this app isn’t user-friendly enough, it allows you to import your cars’ stats from many other car tracking programs such as Gas Cubby (iOS), MPG (PalmOS), (online), (online), Vehicle Manager (Windows), just to name a few.  Along with the ability to import your data, you can also export everything in full, or choose to just export your statistics if you’d like.  You can even export your statistics to an easy-to-read HTML format. The only thing this app doesn’t do is do your car’s maintenance for you. I guess that will have to be in a future update.

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This app is not currently available for iOS

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In lieu of an actual post

My wife drove me to work today, so she could have the car later on.  We must have been only 9 minutes or so from my work when we saw a hot air balloon not too far off the ground.  I pointed it out to my son, and he marvelled at it (as he does with all balloon-like things), and we kept on driving.  At the next light we caught what must have been the balloon’s chase vehicle (I know it sounds dumb of me, but I never thought about how a balloon would land before.  Now, of course, a chase vehicle makes perfect sense).  

As we pulled up behind the vehicle, I could read everything on the back of the trailer, but one particular thing caught my eye.  I tried to take a pic with my phone, but it turned out horribly, so here’s a stock image from the web instead.

“Frequent Stops And Indecision” I LOVE IT!  If we could only label all drivers this way, I think it’d really help out on the roads.  It’d be sort of like the beginning of Bedazzled with Brendan Fraser and Elizabeth Hurley.

  • Rage-filled soccer mom
  • Scared of everyone, so will drive like no one else is there
  • Can’t live without a phone bolted to the side of their head
  • Doesn’t care if they hit you because their car was $50
  • Wants to hit you because his wife just left him
  • Just played Forza 2 for 10 hours.
I think that if everyone had signs that were as honest as a balloon chase vehicle, we could avoid quite a few accidents.  We wouldn’t be assuming that the car next to you knew what they were doing!  I want to hear some other labels from people!