Ben Affleck’s Future as Batman in Doubt

Posted by - July 21, 2017

Ben Affleck will once again don Batman’s cowl in Justice League this November, but it could also be the last time we see his version of the iconic character. There’s been speculation for months that Affleck was unhappy with Batman vs. Superman and in January, he announced that he would be stepping down from directing

Nerd Rage Has Always Existed

Posted by - June 30, 2017

Today I learned that nerd rage has always been a thing. These days, whenever a casting announcement is made for a popular movie, TV show, etc., it’s a given that nerds will take to the Internet to express their displeasure with the announcement, and then proceed to list off why they are right and everyone

Stolendroids Present Arlen Schumer

Posted by - June 7, 2017

The Silver Age of comics (circa 1956-1970) was a glorious time. It was a time where some of the greatest and most influential comic book artists were doing their greatest and most influential work. With legends like Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko teaming up with Stan Lee to create iconic characters, including Spider-Man and The Fantastic Four

Podcast Episode #316 – So Very Lonely

Posted by - May 1, 2017

Having four people host the show at one time was too much for the Internet to handle, so this week Zohner is flying solo. We apologize in advance, please understand though that there is a lot of lonely going on. He does try to behave himself though as he rambles on about exploding Fitbits and

Batman & Bill Trailer Released

Posted by - April 21, 2017

I love Batman. I have for years. One thing that has always bothered me though is how Bob Kane gets all of the credit for creating him, when all of the cool stuff came from a guy who most people have never heard of named Bill Finger. Thankfully though, Bill Finger has been getting a