Cast Bruce Wayne First, Batman Second

Posted by - July 27, 2017

The DCEU’s recent Flashpoint announcement may have opened the door for a graceful recasting of Batman from Ben Affleck to another actor. Nobody would dispute that Batman is an iconic role. Whether Ben Affleck remains, or a new face takes the role, it won’t just be big news, it will be a casting decision that

Ben Affleck Is The Best Live-Action Batman

Posted by - July 26, 2017

When someone asks me who I think the best Batman is, the answer is always, always, always Kevin Conroy. He has voiced the character for more than 25 years in basically everything but live action films, and has become the Batman of a generation. Check that. He is the Batman of all generations. He’s so

Replacing The Batman: Focus on the Bat, or the Man?

Posted by - July 26, 2017

Recently there have been rumors that Ben Affleck was on his way out as the Batman, and while both Ben, and WB producers made nice during SDCC, the rumors have persisted, (not to mention an official “Flashpoint” film in the works) and that was enough for us here at Stolen Droids to start an epic debate; where should the focus

Justice League Trailer 2 Breakdown

Posted by - July 24, 2017

Here at Stolendroids, we are very excited about the new Justice League trailer, and we are going to break down the major elements and see if we can find any Easter eggs, references, or cool things you may have missed. If you’ve never seen it, or want a refresher course, watch the full thing here:

DCEU’s Flash Movie, Teaser introduces Flashpoint (Theory)

Posted by - July 22, 2017

Like many of you, we here at Stolendroids have been glued to our screens anxiously gobbling up any and every little bit of Comic-Con goodness that we could find. And if you haven’t heard already, let me be the first tell you about the Flash movie tentatively scheduled for 2020. WE GOT A NAME! And it’s