Really Good, but Overrated

Posted by - October 1, 2008

Recently the film Righteous Kill was released in theaters. Now let me start by saying that I’ve not yet seen it, I’m planning on it, but not yet. It stars two actors you may have heard of; Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. These two are widely acknowledged as two of the “greatest” actors of

The Dark Knight Reviewed

Posted by - July 30, 2008

Ever since I saw the ending of Batman Begins where we are shown a playing card with a joker on it, I have been highly anticipating this sequel in the Batman franchise.  I am a huge fan of the Batman comics and have always thought that the Joker was one of the best villains.  Now

Get Ready To Be Excited

Posted by - May 6, 2008

**DON’T READ THIS UNLESS YOU WANT TO SEE VERY COOL IMAGES OF THE NEW TWO-FACE** I’m a huge Batman fan. I have always loved the comics and cartoons and I thought that the movies were great until Joel Schumacher got his grubby, Batman destroying fingers on them. I can’t express the relief that I felt