Podcast Episode #316 – So Very Lonely

Posted by - May 1, 2017

Having four people host the show at one time was too much for the Internet to handle, so this week Zohner is flying solo. We apologize in advance, please understand though that there is a lot of lonely going on. He does try to behave himself though as he rambles on about exploding Fitbits and

Podcast Episode #304 – The Fall of Apple

Posted by - February 5, 2017

Apple is claiming that the Watch is doing better than ever . . . but won’t tell anyone what that means.  Also, everything is fine with all their other products . . . but the iPad is down 22%.  And Google just took their spot at the top of the brand mountain and Microsoft has

Podcast Episode #290 – Boring, Awesome Microsoft

Posted by - October 31, 2016

Apple and Microsoft have brought out their big guns this week as we have “innovation” galore!  The new MacBook Pro brings some fun tricks to the party and the Surface Studio changes the party entirely.  And then there’s Google.  Poor Google: Vulnerabilities, losing money on fiber, and no one is buying their smartwatches. AT&T has

Podcast Episode #287 – Apple’s Bad Touch

Posted by - October 10, 2016

  Things aren’t looking so hot for Samsung . . . which is ironic because they have the hottest phone right now.  In fact, it’s so hot, it might actually kill you in your sleep.  Perhaps Samsung should ask Apple how to spin this whole thing, considering Apple still hasn’t fixed any of the “Touch Disease”

Podcast Episode #271 – Zuke Gets Beeped

Posted by - June 19, 2016

  Sometimes you say something that sounded funnier in your head than it did out loud.  And sometimes you say you’re going to catch it in post, but don’t.  And sometimes you do.  This was one of those ones where we did. Everyone is hacked again, but more importantly we can’t get anymore free pizza!