Too Much Normalcy – SD – EP #330

Posted by - August 8, 2017

Things seem oddly pedestrian this week as we have no news of anything big coming out. Instead, it’s a whole lot of little things (mostly court-related), and we can’t help but wonder if the shoe is about to drop. Uber may have just swung from “In the wrong place at the wrong time” to full

Fare Thee Well, Paint – SD – EP #329

Posted by - August 1, 2017

No, no, no little one; MS Paint and the iPod aren’t dead . . . we just sent them to live with some nice people on a farm upstate! Trump says Apple is building the best factories ever in the USA and it’s because of him, but Trump doesn’t know what he’s talking about.  Pokémon

Podcast Episode #322 – Those Wacky Chinese

Posted by - June 13, 2017

  Last week was Apple’s WWDC which means we have a load of Apple goodies to go over!  Except none of them seem that new and only one of them looks sorta new.  The scandals though, those aren’t new at all!  Those are classic Apple through and through.  Oh, by the way, isn’t anyone who hasn’t already

Podcast Episode #321 – Pernament D Pic

Posted by - June 6, 2017

Why does everyone want to be Snapchat?  Seriously, can someone explain this to us? Does ANYONE remember what the program is actually designed for?! Collin is alive, Zohner is tired, Zuke is pissy, and the entire world has gone crazy it seems.  People are trying to defend a digital drug lord like he’s some kind

Podcast Episode #319 – Recording Concussed

Posted by - May 23, 2017

Zohner tried to catch a hammer with his face this week so he’s a little out of it.  It might explain why he’s so excited for new emoji designs in Android O, honestly.  Meanwhile, Microsoft is none too happy that the NSA decided to keep some vulnerabilities to itself and Apple pulls the classic “It’s