SCaM Show – Episode #58

Posted by - October 24, 2014

Announcement: In a few weeks, we will be changing the name of the podcast to The Moving Picture Show along with a mild format change.  The new name reflects our increased focus on movies and TV. On this week’s show: more rumors fly about the future of the DCMU, a couple of C list comic stars are

SCaM Show – Episode #55

Posted by - October 3, 2014

On this week’s show: the comic book takeover of TV continues, a classic video game is coming to the big screen, and Netflix is taking another big shot at traditional movie venues.

SCaM Show – Episode #52

Posted by - September 12, 2014

On this week’s show we have some great news for you,  a festival breaks its own records,  Cap 3 shaking things up, and where else might Drax the Destroyer show up? Headlines RIP Joan Rivers Salt Lake Comic Con Shatters its own record Pacino is a fan of Marvel movies Don’t expect Iron Man 4