Starlord’s Quad Blaster For Your Office

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Usually it’s Dahlface who finds these little bits of geekdom to tempt you with. This time, however, it’s me and boy have I found a fun one for you! This is a “NOT NERF, BUT STILL HASBRO” quad blaster for your enjoyment. Modeled after Peter Quill, aka Starlord’s, blaster, it fires two darts on top and two more on bottom. There are two triggers on the handle, with the main one used to fire the darts and the lower one used to snap the upper and lower section back and allow you to shoot from the other two barrels.

The thing is awesome, and the automated action just feels cool. The only issue with the blaster, and the reason it doesn’t carry the Nerf name, is that the spring and piston action aren’t up to normal “office warfare” snuff. It’s a pea-shooter, but a freaking cool one to be sure!




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