SD#66 Schmidty’s Purple Cow

Please help bring him home!



Ryo joins us this week as we take on internet rage, RIM finally getting with the program, and Google’s livingroom failure!

As a reminder to everyone, we’re still collecting questions from listeners/readers to be answered on the air.  Anything you’ve ever wanted to know is up for grabs!  Just send it to [email protected]

Finally, we’re testing a new piece of mastering software.  Let us know if you can tell a difference, for better or worse!




Talking Point:
When you’re not really helping your case online.

Zuke’s Favorite: Nothing But Tears shampoo
Zohner’s Favorite: Sheep. With lights. Epic.
Stark’s Favorite: Need a really cool business card holder
Schmidty’s Favorite: Roller Coaster Tycoon Disaster: you know everyone did this…
Ryo’s Favorite: LINE PIECE!

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