SD#58 An Incestuous Nebula

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Somehow, we seriously managed to cut the last 2 minutes of the podcast and it ends up with the audio equivalent of a “Scene Missing”.  Sorry.  :-(



  • A recent leak in the military has lead to the release of the operator’s manual for the Predator Drone.  The manual includes operating costs and some screenshots of the controller software . . . which looks like it was made for Windows 98.  Seriously, can we get the Metro UI team on that?
  • According to The Onion, NASA has announced an ambitious new plan to get a man to Columbus, OH by the end of 2013.  The planned bus mission is expected to cost upwards of $360 of taxpayer money and is the latest in an effort for NASA to recapture some of their former glory.
  • Highlighting the vulnerabilities of digital film in theaters this week, a showing of The Avengers was delayed 143 minutes when it was discovered someone had deleted the movie and it had to be re-downloaded.  I’m sure the room full of rabid geeks and film critics barely even noticed . . .
  • A month ago we reported that a major credit card payment system had been hacked and lost the information for nearly 1.5 million cards.  A recent announcement from the company reveals the security breach actually happened over the course of 10 months!  Check those credit card receipts!
  • A recently discovered footage reel shows an Apple ad that never made it past its initial showing.  The film in question was made in 1984 and is made to look like a war film of 1944 with Steve Jobs playing FDR, rallying his Apple Soldiers against IBM.  Watchers beware, your day is about to get strange.
  • Free Comic Book day is this weekend. Who doesn’t like free comics?  Nazi zombies, that’s who.

Talking Point: It’s a Geek’s World.  No, it’s not.

Zohner’s Favorite: Awesome Twitter accounts – Schmidty’s Favorite: Stark’s Favorite: Epic music is epic for 10 hours