SD#5 Chicken Calculator

We テキサスホールデム オンライン have sound effects! Myspace is the herpes of social networking. You’re an Apple tool if . . .

Zuke, Schmidty, Zohner, Stark

Topics: Apple finally ships the white iPhone 4. It quickly becomes the fastest way to identify if you’re a tool or ゲーム カジノ not. Someone in Amazon’s data center has some ‘splaining ネット スロット to do! MySpace evidently still around. Arnold is now the Windows ME of the Terminator line. Randomly, we found a chicken calculator.

Zuke’s Favorite: Schmidty’s Favorite: Google finally releases Google Docs for Android Zohner’s Favorite: And a related ネットギャンブル PSA on Stark’s Favorite: Dr Who and Klingon Monopoly!

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