SD#4 Anonymous are the PETA of Hackers

OK, nevermind the time contraints; poker we’re over an hour and proud of it! :-(

CBS hates Star Trek, puppies, and double rainbows. Sony wants to give you things for free. Terminators want ルーレット to get into Stark’s house. Also, it’s all about Apple.

Zuke, Schmidty, Stark, and Zohner

iPhones have been tracking everyone. And they’re eerily accurate!
. . . but it might just be a bug.
iOS 4.3.2 jailbroken . . again. Why do manufacturers even bother?
Michigan Police work for Big Brother. is on iOS . . . for free!
CBS really hates Star Trek fans!
Microsoft sets execution date for Windows XP
Apple is suing Samsung . . . for trying to be Apple.
Remember how Sony’s PSN network went down a while back?
Nintendo announcing new console probably for 2012 and no one cares.
Pride & Prejudice & Zombies gets a director. Now we just need to see if it will ever actually be made.
Total Recall-Recalled gets new casting news with Kate Bekinsale
Real World: The Shire starts a new season
Wonder Woman pilot gets a rewrite.
Farewell Sara Jane!
Dish keeping 600 Blockbuster stores open. No one knows why.
Lady Gaga doesn’t like Weird Al. Wait, yes she does! And Al has a new album coming out!

Zuke’s Favorite: Stark’s Favorite: Must sleep. Zohner’s ネットギャンブル Favorite: Schmidty’s Favorite (sorta): Look upon yonder kitty and despair!

Feedback Question: Mason posts on Facebook “So I have a question about the DLC for Mass Effect 3. I have heard your review and I know all the spoilers, but my question is what if I don’t want to play the DLC. My Shepard カジノ ランキング is Paragon like you talked about, but what will happen at ネットギャンブル the beginning of ME3 if you don’t play the DLC?”

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