SD#12 Gamers Make Lousy Green Lanterns

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This week on Whites; we all want Kinect, don’t get “Black-roll’d”, hacker zombies are coming, and Happy Father’s Day!

And go see Green Lantern!


Zuke, Schmidty, Stark, Zohner



TV/Movies/Video Games


Lightning Round

Geeky Father’s Day Gifts

Zuke’s Favorite: How to torture your brother. Then post it and let it go viral!
Carl’s Favorite: Aliens 2011
Zohner’s Favorite: Now anyone can be a hero… sort of.
Schmidty’s Favorite: Is it an iPhone or a Gameboy?  I don’t get it?



Co-founder of and Executive Producer for Stolendroids Podcast. Also resident 'tech-head' and de-facto leader of the group.

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