SD#10 Keep Your Pants On

Penny Arcade

Special guest “Joe The Web Guy” joins us to +1 everything!  We go an entire week without talking about Sony . . . crap.  Zuke has some Xbox Kinect woes.  And we reference the Na’vi far too many times.


Zuke, Schmidty, Stark, Zohner


Joe Levi (


Computex Roundup:



Video Games

Zuke’s Favorite: Schmidty’s Favorite: Carl’s Favorite: Zohner’s Favorite: Joe オンラインポーカー the Web Guy’s favorite: Dilbert: The Firewall is letting bad stuff through… like the iPhone 3GS



  1. Stark the Younger says

    Could not stop laughing at the thought of Zuke trying to dance in front of the Kinect in his underware and the ネット スロット Kinect taking pictures of it.

    After having my phone and computer already spying on me. I don’t want to worry about my game system doing it too. Thanks for the heads up ネットカジノ on the Kinect. It will not be welcome 日本でカジノ in my house.

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