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Screaming Deal – MicroSD Cards

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For today only, Amazon is running an insane deal on Transcend MicroSD cards.  You can pick up a 32GB MicroSD card (with adapter) for $13.99 or a 64GB MicroSD card (also with adapter) for $28.99.

Yes, I know it says $16, but click on the link and it will give you the new price.
Don’t like Transcend? Well SanDisk is also selling their 32GB card for a not-quite-as-awesome-but-still-pretty-awesome $19.02 and their 64GB card for $36.95.
While not a MicroSD card, Transcend also has their JetFlash USB 3.0 thumb drive (you know, the 128GB one) for $54.99, which is a staggering 74% off!

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