Post Con Depression

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Well, FanX 2017 is over. We had some great laughs, met some of our personal celebrity heroes, participated in photo ops, and busted out cosplays that were far better than the last year. But what happens now? We’re back to our Monday routine, daydreaming about Salt Lake Comic Con’s return later this year, but the world just feels so upside down without all of our friends and wishing we were all in a Twisted Toonz panel. But… Maybe there’s hope.

Our friends at IdiotBox Productions made a video to hopefully help you through this rough time.



Collin Farmer

From researching the latest technologies, playing video games, enjoying the convention scene, and watching endless amounts of CHUCK reruns and Star Wars, Collin is the definition of geek. By day a IT Manager, by night a blog and podcast enthusiast within the geek community.Follow Collin on Twitter - @Collin_Farmer

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