Newsbreak: Asus is late to the party, again.

Asus Tek is one of the world’s largest motherboard and computer component manufacturers.  I wish they would keep it at that.

Announced in a news release, they are currently working on “another world first”.

Called the Eee Stick, it is meant to  translate human movement into blah blah blah blah.  Yes, we know.  You can’t look at it an NOT know what it is.  It’s even the same color!  They couldn’t even find another vowel sound to rip off!

This is just another notch on Asus’ record of “world firsts”.  Allow me to present some others:

SmartDoctor for the Most Powerful Overclockability
ASUS garners yet another world’s first with the ASUS SmartDoctor – an overclocking utility that is able to tweak the Shader Clock on GPUs. With this application, users will be able to overclock the Shader Clock and Engine Clock independently for astonishing performance boosts without the hassles of rebooting or re-flashing their BIOS.

I’m sure it’s NOTHING like the exact same utility from MSI, Biostar, Diamond, Nvidia, ATi, EVGA . . .

ASUS Launches World’s First 1GB Onboard Memory Version for EAH4800 Series

Enjoy the Best Multimedia Playback and up to 7°C Lower Temperatures with ASUS EAH4800 Series

OK, this one actually is a first, but no one cares; writing a gig of textures and commands to the video card is pointless since the actual frame the data refers to is gone and done with before a cache that size can even be filled.  Besides, improving your own product and then bragging you’re the first to do it is sort of like me exclaiming that this is the first blog post ever made by someone named Zuke concerning Asus on this specific site during August . . .

ASUS Launches ‘World’s First Wireless Music Skype Phone’ in India

Again, like in the example above, it should actually read “Worlds’ First Wireless Music Skype Phone In India”. Note the change in punctuation.

Why do manufacturers do this to us? It’s the whole “best in class (where there is only one vehicle in said class)” advertising pitch. Do any of us really listen to it? Do any of us care if you’re the first or not? As a computer geek, I typically avoid the “world’s first” and wait till it’s “world’s most stable” anyway!