When Nerf Warfare Gets Real

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At my day job, we occasionally devolve into a full-blown Nerf war.  It’s a great stress relief and actually builds a lot of camaraderie in the office.  Unfortunately, it also often results in a bit of a Nerf arms race as people try to get the best Nerf gun they can buy.  Which means things like the new Rhino-Fire is eventually going to find its way into the office.  Right before it kills someone.

There comes a point when you just need to admit you like shooting your coworkers.
There comes a point when you just need to admit you like shooting your coworkers.

I, however, am a combination of a tinkerer and flat broke.  So what is a person to do?  Well, evidently you can take my little Nerf Maverick (one of their most popular blasters) and turn it into a smoke spewing terror machine.

Yes, this mod is probably ill-advised.  Yes, I’ll probably be doing it anyway.


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