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As my forum for all things geek I realized that I had to post pictures of this wonderful feat of geeekdom. This is 1085 piece Lego set stands 18 inches high. Prior to completing this my best ever Lego achievement was a Clone Drop ship that had 81 pieces. It took about six hours to put together stretched over a few weeks. With school I’d stalled a bit, but finished him just a few minutes ago. He’s taken a place of honor on my bookshelf in the office in our home, which is yet another example of how great my wife is that she’ll let me display it openly where others can see. Though now I’ve got a problem. Looking around on Amazon there are more sets I want to build, and with the price they each cost this could be a real test of my wife’s understanding.

Pictures below. resize2resize1

  • Schmidty

    Very cool. As I push back my jealousy and realize that I can’t possibly have ALL the fun in the world, I find it in my little geek heart to congratulate you in a job well done. For your first LEGO creation I have to say I am very impressed. I would say go for the Star Destroyer next, but I agree that it would be a great test of your wife’s understanding. Aside from being $180 (There’s a $600 version as well), it is about 2′ long. I want to build one of those, and the Death Star (unfortunately it’s not to scale) and hang them from our ceiling.

  • I still want that massive Falcon one! Problem is with Lego models, they seem to collect dust at three times the rate as normal models. Go fig.

  • Dr Squishy

    But at least there is another awesome thing in my house collecting dust. For any married many that is a win. My next project is Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter. Its a bit smaller at only around 400 pieces.

  • Schmidty

    That’ll be a cool one. Now you have me achin’ to get a LEGO model again.

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