It makes me a little ill, actually

I made a claim once in our forums that the fastest way to kill a show was to put it on the CW.  When UPN and WB combined, they somehow managed to open the portal and allow Gozer to come into our world.  

In their latest attempt to screw up people who have no business even thinking about superheroes, they are creating a show about Dick Grayson . . . before he knew Bruce Wayne.

Holy prequel, Boy Wonder, the CW is prepping a series based on Batman sidekick Robin’s pre-Caped Crusader days.

“Smallville” exec producers Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson, as well as”Supernatural” exec producer McG, are behind “The Graysons,” which has landed a put pilot commitment at the netlet.

You can read the whole article here.

Just so everyone is clear here, Dick Grayson is Robin.  Well, he was the first Robin.  He was the youngest of a family of circus acrobats known as The Flying Graysons untill a mob boss sabotaged the act and his entire family was killed before his eyes.  Bruce Wayne took him in as his legal ward and eventually trained him as his sidekick.

Oh, and by the way, that all happened when he was eight!  So what was his life like before that?  I’m not entirely sure, myself, but I imagine it to be a bit like a circus themed “Leave It to Beaver”.


Shortpacked! by David Willis

In the article, it tells how CW execs are very happy that WB is giving them leeway with one of their core properties.  They take it as a sign that they want the network to succeed.

They are wrong (or are claiming ignorance).  Since Warner Brothers already owns the rights to Batman, it doesn’t cost them anything to use the franchise.  By giving the series an entire “pre-made universe” to work with, the writers don’t have to do anything other than copy down the script from last week’s 90210 episode and change some names.  And just in case the series does bomb, who really cares?!  It’s pre-Batman Robin!  Do we really care what happened to Robin on his first day of circus school?