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The updated numbers for Marvel’s The Avengers put it’s weekend box office haul at around $207.3 million, beating the previous number 1 by about $38 million. World wide box office to date is nearing $700 million.  This got me thinking. Why does Marvel still print comic books? I know that there is still a small and loyal reader base out there, but I’m sure that somewhere in NYC someone at Marvel, or their owners Disney, are going to ask why they are still bothering. In the month of February 2012 Marvel sold about 220K new titles between five different books with the words “Avengers” in them. That works out to about $880K, or about 1/25th of what the movie made in the US just on midnight shows. If you were to add in all the figures for the other books starring characters from the movie it would of course be higher, but still. Just food for thought. I love reading comics books, but for how much longer