Here’s to playing to the stereotypes!

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Many of my friends have specified geeks as being people with near obsessive (or in many cases, totally) interests.  They further clarify that geeks are not nerds, who are just socially defunct.  It is, of course, possible to be both, but this particular definition of ‘geek’ has started to gain some ground in the general vernacular.

And then some weirdo goes and ruins it for us all.

Le Trung and his robotic girlfriend, Aiko
Le Trung and his robotic girlfriend, Aiko

Yeah, so all those jokes about geeks not being able to get a girl, so they build a robot girl in their basement actually have a basis in reality now. Way to go!

First reported today over at The Sun, Le explains that he never had any time to “find a woman”, so instead he built one.  Granted, the man is a robotic genius and Aiko really is an extraordinary piece of technology; you only need to see the video to understand that.  But it’s his own statements about her that strike me as disturbing.

She does not need time to herself+she knows all my favorite things+she cleans for me=perfect woman!

Evidently, he’s spent two years working on her and at one point was under so much stress in creating her that he suffered a heart attack.

I’ve got news for you, pal; if you’ve got enough spare time to spend two years building a robot, you’ve got enough time to find yourself a partner.  Hell, in some cases it takes 5 minutes and a Google search.

What really strikes me is the people responding to Aiko.  Sure, I’d totally expect the scientific community to be interested in her construction and programming, as it really is quite amazing in terms of human interaction.  On the flip side, however, are people claiming that he’s playing God.  While I don’t think he’s exactly entirely on this side of reality, I don’t think he’s playing God anymore than Dell, Microsoft (maybe a bad example), or Ford do when they build a new model.

I’m surprised that some militant women’s groups aren’t a little more upset that there’s someone getting press-time who claims the perfect woman does everything for him, never complains, and only knows 1400 sentences!


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  1. I like your tags. Very appropriate.

    This simple act brings us one step closer to Judgment Day. It’s only a matter of time before the fembot becomes sentient and turns on her evil master when he makes her do one too many perverse acts on him. She’ll then hook into Skynet and blow us all up. Thanks creepy inventor man for ruining it for everyone.

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