Podcast Episode #230 – Gimme A Noonpie



Collin breaks a new personal record for “Weeks Alive”! People should stop reading the Privacy Notices for their apps if they aren’t going to understand them.  And, oh yeah, you may or may not have been registered to have an affair with or without your knowledge!

Podcast Episode #229 – It’s All Soup

"Hey Roadblock! Is it soup yet?" "Shut your mouth, you whiny pet!"

“Hey Roadblock! Is it soup yet?”
“Shut your mouth, you whiny pet!”

What happens when you throw every technology under the sun into a single company?  You get soup, of course! Alphabet soup.  Or Collin changing his name.  That could always happen too!

Podcast Episode #228 – All The Toners!


Collin rejoins us in what is almost certainly his last show before dying . . . again.

What would you be willing to do to never have to deal with toner ever again?  Just asking.  For a friend.  Meanwhile, hackers are killing your Macs, killing Flash, and stealing your fingerprints!  How will you ever hold anything slippery again?!

Podcast Episode #227 – Remove Cabeza From Derriere

Go France! Heaven forbid people have to remember how dumb they've been!

Go France! Heaven forbid people have to remember how dumb they’ve been!

Yes, Zuke did just compare France to communist China.  No, that wasn’t Zohner, it was Zuke.  Yes, we are confused as well.  Collin has been kidnapped.  At least, we kind of hope he was because he was a no-show.  And Zuke’s microphone stand attacked him.  Just another recording session for us!