Podcast Episode #191 – Sausage Initiation


Hang a bell, you mean we forgot to tell Collin about the sausage?

We have a special friend dropping by to remind us all to get in gear and head over to The Giving Grinch and its GoFundMe campaign.  You really want to be a part of this!



Zuke’s Favorite: The Jazz have a supervillain for a coach!

Zohner’s Favorite: Best candle ever!

Collin’s Favorite: Assassin’s Creed Unity – Not so good release

Podcast Episode #190 – Money and Politics




Zuke’s Favorite: All The Busters

Schmidty’s Favorite: See Wikipedias updates in real-time and listen to it too

Zohner’s Favorite: Star Wars Commander

Episode #189 – Legal Troubles


I will cosplay as this someday.

Episode #188 – So Inappropriate


I researched it; this is from an actual book.


Zuke’s Favorite: OK Go, Drones, and Unicycles!

Schmidty’s Favorite: Do you want to build a snowman?

Collin’s Favorite: Salt Lake Comic Con returns 88 days??

Zohner’s Favorite: So gloriously inappropriate

Podcast Episode #187 – Com Dot Com




Zuke’s Favorite: Windows comes to my Android

Schmidty’s Favorite: OMG-BBQ-WTF-FTW WebGL Water

Collin’s Favorite:  Utahns celebrate holidays for terminally ill boy

Zohner’s Favorite: This is not safe! (but totally safe for work)