Podcast Episode #266 – Black Links Matter

I don't even know what I'm looking at here. Is this a newspaper?

I don’t even know what I’m looking at here. Is this a newspaper?

We are running on no sleep at all and so this episode might be a little . . . weird. It’s not just us, though, as the news this week has Google forgetting how to internet, Transformers pulling freight on American freeways, and people using . . . things to unlock their phones.  Yeah, this was a weird week.



“Such a nice internet you have here . . . shame if something should happen to it!”

It’s a slow week in tech news, but the few headlines that trickle out are still nearly enough to get Zohner to rage!  We have AdBlock flexing is muscles, cellphones not causing brain cancer (duh), Teslas becoming the new bio-terrorism response vehicle, and Microsoft looking at shading your patio (not really).


Podcast Episode #264 – Poor, Broke Twitter

Checkmate, Getty Images!

Checkmate, Getty Images!

The FBI is in a tricky situation here; on one hand, they are expected to give Apple vulnerability info to make them more secure . . . on the other, they really don’t want to!  Twitter can’t seem to make a buck, the Bill of Rights may not be enforceable anymore, and Europe really doesn’t know how this internet thing works!

Podcast Episode #262 – Canadian Criminals



If you think the FBI is bad with their power grab, they’ve got nothing on our Canadian neighbors!

Google is helping Zuke to remember his goals, grey hat hackers are having a field day with their new business venture, white hat hackers are absolute studs, and Apple plugins support terrorism (sorta).