Podcast Episode #280 – #DurkaDurka



Yeah, we may get a lot of hate for that title.  Twitter might even ban us!

France has gone all . . . French on Pokemon, Uber is making you an unwitting test pilot, and the NSA is just off on its own and not listening to any of the rules.  Also, can someone please sell Facebook a clue?  Historically speaking, they’ll pay a LOT for it!

Podcast Episode #279 – Lose The Filter



As a bit of an upfront warning, there is NO verbal filter this episode.  Which is really saying something for us, when you think of all the countries we’ve already offended.

We have leaked keys, hacked keys, and deadbolt keys.  We have old folks with mobile payment, farm folks with internet crimes, and private toys that violate privacy.  We have Facebook and AdBlock entering a war or attrition.

And we  have Snapchat.

Podcast Episode #277 – El Cheapo Baya Negra



First off, I know it’s actually episode #277; I have no idea why I say #278 at the beginning of this episode!

Apple hits a milestone that really means something this week, while Blackberry releases a cheap phone they didn’t have anything to do with and raised the price!  Sure, that’s really shaking up the market.  Meanwhile, Facebook admits to trying to shape political news by censoring posts and “selfie addicts” are evidently a thing now!

Podcast Episode #276 – Not Marissa Money

So you have a "Money Bin"? You still don't have "Marissa Money"

So you have a “Money Bin”? You still don’t have “Marissa Money”

I think it is my new life goal to get paid to specifically NOT do a job.  I’m not sure how I’ll ever hit that mark, but I will not rest until I find a way.

Meanwhile, China has just found a way to see what we’re all doing online, police use technology and a bit of science fiction to get around the 5th Amendment, and (surprise surprise) France has a problem with a Microsoft product.