Podcast Episode #217 – Down South

More "Catfish", less . . . whatever you're thinking.

More “Catfish”, less . . . whatever you’re thinking.

Zuke takes a backseat for a Zohner-run-show . . . and then proceeds to be a backseat driver. We learn you can’t actually trust Oculus, Androids don’t wipe (your info), DC is unaware that birds exist, and that girl you met online probably wasn’t.

Podcast Episode #216 – Iron Man’s Motorcycle

This image has clearly been altered:  We have it on good authority that women cannot ride motorcycles.

This image has clearly been altered: We have it on good authority that women cannot ride motorcycles.

Collin is in the belly of the beast while Schmidty’s jaunt through the Lazarus pit has brought him back for another episode.  Also, Marvel toys make no sense at all.  Seriously, why would Iron Man even need a motorcycle?!  Wouldn’t he be slower on it?  It’s not like he’s dealing with a load of traffic while he’s flying around everywhere.

Also, you Apple Watch aficionados at Starbucks better hide for awhile; you have a giant target on you right now.

Podcast Episode #215 – European Sky

European Union

Just so we’re clear here, this is something EU courts are actually saying confuses them.

There has to be a time when the European Union courts have to finally come out and admit they just hate American companies, right? I mean, you can only posture for so long before you start to look stupid to the rest of us.  Google is putting French mapmakers out of business? Um, ok. A camera captures a guy releiving himself in public and he sues Google because people could see him? Um . . . huh?  And now, you’re actually suggesting that Skype is easily confused with “sky”?

If you can have conversations with Grandma when you look into the sky, then you have bigger problems when brand trademarks!

Also, how can you have “Legends of Tomorrow” if something is only legendary when it happened in the past? Wouldn’t it be “Rumors of Tomorrow”?

Podcast Episode #214 – Schmidty Dies ALOT


This Alot happens a lot more often then you’d think!

We are recording together with a special guest this week . . . and it nearly goes all wrong on us!  Schmidty dies no less than three times while recording, and Zuke’s soul is probably doomed after this episode.

Stolendroids Present Whitney Avalon (2015 Edition)

Whitney Avalon Sara Michelle Gellar


Take one part comedy, one part musical talent, one part geek, one part beauty, and one part incredible voice . . . then add in a dash of “delightfully twisted”.  Mix it together and you get Whitney Avalon! Our queen of hilarious songs has been busy with one of YouTube’s fastest trends since a fat kid swung a lightsaber; Princess Rap Battles.  What started as a knock on her own Vitamin D deficient complexion has spawned these hilarious battles between Disney classics, and Whitney takes some time out of her uber-busy schedule to chat with us!

Disclaimer: We really try not to gush to much, but it’s kinda hard around her (she’s awesome).

Be sure to check out Whitney’s Facebook, YouTube, and website! And follow her!  Not in person, just on Twitter.