Podcast Episode #208 – Windows Kale Cleanse

Collin dragon

Guess who is out again.

Barbie is after your kids’ souls.  No, not even kidding. Barbie is out to find out all the dreams and wants of the next generation of humans so she will be able to take over us without incident using her new, 3D printed form. BEWARE THE BARBIE DOLL!!!!

Podcast Episode #207 – Panda Lupus


Image courtesy of Engadget

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This week brings us some awesome Supergirl news, an absurdly expensive accessory, and an anti-virus that eats itself and everything else on your computer.  Also, don’t trust a politician who says they’ve never sent an email because they’re either lying or have no business living in 2015.  Just saying.

Podcast Episode #206 – Live Long and Prosper


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Zuke’s Favorite: Geico just made the best ad ever

Collin’s Favorite: New Avengers: Age of Ultron YouTube trailer was off to a bouncy start

Zohner’s Favorite: Who needs the Kwik-E-Mart? I dooooooo….

Podcast Episode #205 – The FCC Impasse


So, in case you missed it, the FCC made a decision this last week.  And we . .  have differing view points on it.  But we do our very best to behave (kinda).  There’s also obligatory Blackberry news, Google making unheard of deals with competitors, and we drop mad flow for science!

Stolendroids Presents Christie Porter


Christie Porter

We are graced by the talented, funny, and VERY knowledgeable Christie Porter.  Christie is the news producer for ABC affiliate KTVX in Salt Lake City, Utah and talks to us about geeks in the media, old media vs new media, and how the world has changed in news.

Be sure to follow Christie on Twitter or over at ABC4Utah.