Batman & Bill Trailer Released

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I love Batman. I have for years. One thing that has always bothered me though is how Bob Kane gets all of the credit for creating him, when all of the cool stuff came from a guy who most people have never heard of named Bill Finger. Thankfully though, Bill Finger has been getting a lot of credit in recent years, thanks in no small part to comic scholars and historians, authors, and fellow artists, including fellow Batman artist Jerry Robinson, producing significant evidence confirming Finger’s role in Batman’s creation, and lobbying for his formal recognition as co-creator of one of the greatest super heroes of all time.

A new documentary called Batman & Bill has been made showing just how important Bill Finger was in the creative process and will be released on Hulu on May 6th. You can check out the trailer below.

I am extremely excited for this documentary to come out. I love the fact that Bob Kane, who isn’t necessarily known as a “good guy” is finally being shown for who he was, while Bill Finger is finally getting the credit he has been owed for the past 75 years. I guess good guys do win in the end.

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