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Awesomest Photomanipulationist, Ever!

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Have you ever just had a vision of something so awesome that you want to sit down and draw it out for the world to see?  You get your supplies together (or fire up Photoshop), sit down, and realize you really suck at art.  This happens to me all the time.  I get these awesome ideas in my head, but it takes so long to even figure out how I would need to do things that I end up just doing it however I can.  After 4 hours of work, it looks like an MS Paint abomination and not at all what I wanted.  Instead of sharing my idea, I’ve made it a hollow and shameful shadow of what it should have been.

Thank you, Hyperbole And A Half

Thankfully, there are people with actual talent in this world.  One such person goes by the name Rabbittooth, and the guy is an absolute master at photo manipulation.

I came across some of his work indirectly and started Googling as fast as I could to see who the original artist was.  It didn’t take me too long to find his gallery and took even less time to declare him my favorite internet artist ever!

Transporter Dogs by Rabbittooth
Chewbacca and Indiana Jones by Rabbittooth
The Shining Dr Teeth by Rabbittooth

Be sure to check out his many other great works over at his deviantART page! He also takes suggestions for new mashups and has been known to do commissioned work as well!

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