American Idol Observations

As I’ve posted here before, I’ve never been a huge American Idol fan.  After watching parts of last season with my wife, however, I’ve started to warm up to catching it every week.  Despite not being a die hard fan, I have noticed some changes in the show that have happened over the years. 

Based upon my observations, I’d like to make some predictions about what the show holds for the future:

  • Randy Jackson has become more and more “gangsta” each year.  By season 11, he has gone fully ‘Flavor Flav’ on everyone.  By season 13, his speech has degraded to almost Boomhower levels with “Dawg” being the only distinguishable word left.
  • The final 6 each have to sing a song about their favorite Ford car while drinking a Coke.
  • Votes will be tallied by counting how many iTunes downloads each contestant gets.
  • In Season 12, Ryan Seacrest will be named America’s Oldest Living Teenager.
  • Sometime around Season 17, Dick Clark will challenge Ryan in a fight to the death to try and retake the title.
  • Paula will finally embrace her inner couger and comes right out and proposition a 15 year old male singer (like we know she’s been trying so hard not to these past couple seasons).
  • After Simon Cowell’s departure, producers scramble to find another judge to replace him.  In an effort to find someone who sound’s like a prick even when they’re not trying to, they will settle on either Jeremy Clarkson or Gordon Ramsey.